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      Harbin Shunmai School was founded in 2014, located in the North Bank of the beautiful Songhua River in Harbin, No. 2 Shunmai Road, Songbei District, Harbin. It was invested by the Taiwanese Shunmai Group and approved by the Harbin Education Bureau as a high-end private school with kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and foreign language schools.
      Harbin Shunmai School covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 110,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million yuan. The first phase project was built in 2013 and put into operation in 2014. The construction of primary school teaching building, junior high school teaching building and art museum is 30 thousand square meters. 

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Superfine Teacher:

Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Yingshun  Li Xiaoyu  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin

Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li  Liu XiQing  

Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui  Yang Bo  Ding Xiuli    Wu Xiang Gui       Gao Feng Ying   Lv Xi Ping  Lin Zhi  Jian   He Shuhua 

Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie  Zhang Xihui  Wang Wei  Kindergarten teacher:Zhao Ming  Jin Xiaohui  Cui Yunxiu 
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My job is my need for Shun Mai.

Lei Feng said: if you are a drop of water, do you moisten an inch of land? If you are a ray of sunshine, do you light up the darkness? If you are a grain, do you nurture a useful life? If you are the smallest screw, do you stick to your job? In October 11, 2018, the "teacher's forum" of Harbin Shun Mai primary school was scheduled to begin. Teacher Yang Weijie, a famous teacher in primary school, interpreted the professional well-being of being a teacher and gave a wonderful lecture for all teachers from the development and changes of the school and from the cases happened with parents and students. The theme of Ms. Yang's lecture is "Shun Mai Needs, That's My Job". She has a sense of urgency to keep pace with the times, a sense of responsibility, a sense of love and dedication, and a sense of well-being in the humanistic environment. The accumulation of their own value, the perception of work experience, the sublimation of teachers'professional happiness, layer upon layer. Teacher Yang hoped that the teachers should guard against arrogance and impetuosity and do their work first to enhance their value. Only by changing one's attitude toward life can one have a high degree of life, and only by changing one's attitude toward work can one have a high degree of home ownership. In her work, Mr. Yang sets an example and has a kind of emotional acceptance and even "infatuation" for her own profession; she has a kind of "complex" for the places where she engages in professional activities, and she is grateful for the school as her home; and she treats the students as her own feelings. It affected and touched every teacher present. Teachers'forum has become a gas station and a soul post for all teachers' professional development. It encourages teachers to use their after-class time to recharge their study and calmly listen to the wonderful, to appreciate education, to learn knowledge and to enlighten wisdom. It is believed that the development of the forum activities will pave the way for the birth of more famous teachers and will also better serve education. Teaching services can lay a foundation for students' growth.



The 54 Youth Festival of Harbin Shun Mai junior high school

    Bathed in the warm spring breeze, I feel the full spring. In this youth festival, the junior high school league committee of Harbin Shun Mai school in the morning of     May 4th, held the theme "youth flying my youth dream" theme. The leaders of the junior high school participated in the activities.     The meeting is presided over by the representative of the new league member. The conference reviewed the history of the Communist Youth League, and the old League members wore the emblem for the new members. Gao Jiaze, the six class in six, made a speech on behalf of the new league member.     "The Communist Youth League is the mass organization of the advanced youth led by the Communist Party of China," Geng Yitong, Secretary of the Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Harbin Shun Mai school, said. "The Communist Youth League is the mass organization of the advanced youth led by the Communist     Party of China. It is a school for young people to learn Chinese characteristic socialism and communism in practice. It is the party's assistant and reserve army." It is an organization that most of our classmates are very yearning for. All the students who wear the emblem and solemn oath should keep in mind that they are a member of the Communist Youth League, an example of the students around us and a model leading role for more students. We should be more strict with ourselves and be more motivated to pursue progress and strive for the best.     Next, the awarding ceremony of the first "good to the good" youth in junior high school was carried out. Liu Changyou, President of Harbin Shun Mai school, awarded prizes to all the students.     This group ceremony brings the spirit of the students to baptism and the thought is sublimated. The league members have learned the responsibility and mission of being a league member. Non League members also strive to become a good League member in the development of the next batch of League members. I believe that all the students in the junior high school will remember the history and inherit the spirit. They will set up a bright banner for the junior middle school of Shun Mai school, cooperate with each other, continue to move forward, and create brilliance together. Let our youth bloom in Shun Mai and let our dreams fly in the direction of Shun Mai.

The spirit of the higher education committee

The National People Political Consultative Conference held a two-week Consultative Forum on the pro

Source: Xinhua Daily Telegraph       Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 12 - The 12th Biweekly Consultative Seminar of the 13th CPPCC National Committee was held in Beijing on the 12th. Wang Yang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered speeches. He emphasized that universal language and writing are the bond of national identity and the foundation of national unity. We should study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of language and writing, and have a profound understanding of the importance of popularizing universal language and writing in improving national quality, promoting ethnic exchanges and exchanges, and forging a firm sense of the Chinese nation's community. It is of great significance to persist in making progress steadily, adjust measures to local conditions, eliminate misunderstandings, strengthen policy support, and constantly improve the level of popularization and application, so as to provide strong support for the realization of national rejuvenation. Wang Yang fully affirmed the practice of some CPPCC members, especially ethnic minority members, expressing their opinions on the mobile platform for performing their duties. He encouraged the use of the Internet to discuss politics remotely and expand the way of performing their duties.       The 15 members put forward their opinions and suggestions on the capacity-building, methods, key points, policies and regulations for the popularization of the national common language. It is believed that the Party and the state have always attached great importance to the popularization of the national common language. Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, a series of policy documents have been issued and a number of major projects have been carried out. The cause of Chinese language and writing has taken a new step and the popularization rate of Putonghua in remote minority areas has been greatly improved. However, the imbalance of popularization between urban and rural areas and the insufficient standardization of the whole society are still prominent problems, and there is a long way to go to push forward the popularization work.       Some members pointed out that language is a tool for human communication, a carrier of cultural heritage, and a heavy weapon for public security. The popularization of the national common language and the protection of minority languages are not antagonistic, but parallel. It is suggested that the Law on General Languages and Characters of the State be amended in due course, which not only respects and protects the freedom of all ethnic groups to use and develop their own languages, but also guarantees the rights and obligations of all ethnic groups to give priority to learning and using the national common languages and characters. We should focus on key areas, key groups and key issues, tilt them in terms of teachers'strength and financial support, promote bilingual education, especially pre-school education, and strengthen education and training for young and middle-aged workers, grass-roots civil servants and people from ethnic and religious circles. We should adhere to the government-led, Language Commission as a whole, Department support, social participation, integration of resources, innovative ways and means to improve the effectiveness of popularization work. We should fully understand the long-term and arduous nature of popularization work, insist on proceeding from reality, scientifically plan and precisely implement measures, work hard for a long time, do not rush for success, do not engage in "one-size-fits-all".       The conference was co sponsored by the Democratic Progressive Central Committee and the national and Religious Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference. Battelle, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, delivered the keynote speech at the meeting. Zhang Qingli, Wang Zhengwei, Xia Baolong and Liu Xincheng, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, attended the meeting. Zheng Futian, Quan Zheshu, Niu Ruji, Da Jiumujia, Zhu Yongxin, Danke, Yorkuri Gapal, Ling Youshi, Adelijan Ajiklim, Haixia, Yang Qiru, Xie Shangguo, Yang Jinghua, Yang Xiaobo and Li Ma-lin, members of the CPPCC National Committee, addressed the meeting. Comrades in charge of the Ministry of Education introduced the relevant information, and the heads of the Central United Front Department, the National People's Commission and the State Administration of Radio and Television had on-site interactive exchanges.


The fifth campus culture and Art Festival of Harbin Shun Mai primary school has come to a successfu

      Chasing the autumn wind in September, bathed in the warm sunshine of autumn. In September, the campus was full of wind and water, and the flowers were more enchanting. Today's Shun Mai calligraphy is fragrant and fragrant, and today's inner strength is strong and the image of the outer tree is strong. In order to enrich students'campus cultural and artistic life, create a strong campus cultural atmosphere for the motherland's 69th birthday.       From September 17 to September 29, the Elementary School Department of Shunmai School in Harbin launched a series of activities of the 5th Art Festival with the theme of "exhibiting the flowers of art and bearing the fruits of six educations". Including: Calligraphy group carried out the "decent writing hall decent life" - hard pen and soft pen calligraphy competition activities, the art group carried out the "painting umbrella" - Art Festival painting competition, "splash ink, fine brush Danqing" - the school's own art class talent show, "happy clay doll" - school-based Ceramics Exhibition "Small Oil Painters Exhibition" - school-based oil painting class talent show, "under the scissors of a different landscape" - school-based paper-cut class talent show, "waste into treasure embraces the"green"life" - Environmental creative fashion show, sports team carried out the "Shenqian skills and dancing smoothly" - basketball, football, fitness Aerobics and other competitions, the English group to carry out the "Super Speaker" - speech contest activities, science and technology group to carry out the "into the hall of science to insert wings" - technology robot display activities.       In September 28th and September 29th, three artistic festival festivals were held in the lecture hall respectively. The three programmes were well planned, organized, lively and brilliant.       Two years, a class of "wandering chant"       The two class in two years, Lei Feng's spirit.       Three shifts in two years, "Wu Shun Shun Mai"       Four classes in two years, "tomorrow's song"       Class five, two, "thank you, my motherland."       Six class in two years, teacher, I want to tell you.       Seven classes in two years, "the idol is ten thousand years old".       Eight classes in two years, the cute little monkey.       Three years, a group of "San Ren laso"       Two classes in three years, "dream ahead"       Three years, three classes, a piece of cheese.       Four stars in three years, twinkling stars.       Three years five classes "Chinese youth"       Three years six classes "flourishing China"       Three years, seven classes, "Ode to pear"       Three years eight classes "red scarf heart to the party"       Four years, one class, the state.       Four years two classes "grassland Hong GA Lu"       Four year three class "happy party"       Four classes in four years, I am a prairie little horse.       Four years, five classes, "soldier Doll".       Four years, six classes, "Ode to pear"       Four years, seven classes, "Enlightenment of rhythm".       Four years eight classes, "I am proud, I am Chinese."       Five years, one class, "Cai Lun paper".       Two classes in five years, how beautiful the campus is.       Three classes in five years, "Shun Mai will not forget me."       Five years, four classes, dragon boat racing.       The five class of five years, the soul of Wu.       Painting and calligraphy group "Dan Qing draws childhood calligraphy and drifting calligraphy".       Dancing in the mountains and rivers       Chorus "the Great Wall rumor and face make-up"       Instrumental ensemble "Nan Ni Wan"       Science and technology group enters the hall of science and creates wings.       The English Presentation Award is "I am the super speaker of Shun Mai".       The sports group "dancing skills of the ball of God"       Art group "environmental fashion show"       Campus culture, there is a profound humanistic heritage; Campus art, there is a spiritual sublimation. The holding of the campus cultural and artistic festival of Shunmai Primary School in Harbin provides a big stage for each student to show their artistic and sports talents, and fully demonstrates the good style and comprehensive quality of Shunmai students. Through the wonderful activities, children weave a happy childhood, dancing with a beautiful childlike innocence, the seeds of art sown in children's young hearts. We believe that through the Art Festival activities, each flower of art will be more and more blooming and fruitful.

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