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  Harbin shunmai school, founded in 2014, is located in the north shore of the Songhua River in the beautiful scenery of the Harbin City, Harbin City, Hulan District Shun Mai Lu No. 2, is held by Taiwanese shunmai group investment, approved by the Harbin Municipal Bureau of education in kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, Foreign language school as one of the high-end private schools.

  At the beginning of school, the school Harbin step on the high-end positioning, quality first "educational requirements of famous Songjiang north and south, from all walks of life. The school has established "Harbin demonstration, the leader, the well-known" educational goals; the pursuit of "harmony but not sameness, difference, integrate Chinese and western, ancient science and the ideal of education; adhere to the" student-centered, teacher based, character, quality to "educational strategy;...

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Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Yingshun  Li Xiaoyu  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin
Doctor:Cheng Chaoshui  Liu Xiqing  You Chao  Cheng Yongjun 
Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li  Wang Qiuzhuang  Gabriel  Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui  Ding Xiuli  He Shuhua
Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie  Zhang Xihui  Wang Wei  Kindergarten teacher:Zhao Ming  Jin Xiaohui  Cui Yunxiu 
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Teacher's lecture room of Harbin Shun Mai primary school

    How to improve the efficiency of teaching and learning is a common topic and a new topic. The teaching practice tells us how the students' learning effect and the success of the teaching depend to a great extent on how to make use of the time more scientifically and improve the efficiency of the work. Then, how to improve work efficiency in education and teaching?     In the afternoon of April 19th, the teacher's Forum on the theme of "cherish time as gold - how teachers should improve work efficiency" in the afternoon of Harbin Shun Mai school was told by teacher Yang Fan, an outstanding teacher in primary school.     From two aspects of how to improve classroom efficiency and office efficiency, Professor Yang has combined with specific examples to share some of his original practices with participating teachers. First, in class, teachers should prepare lessons accurately and grasp hard and difficult points; we should pay attention to each student, grasp the rhythm of the class, manage their own emotions, give full play to the role of students, and take the students with learning difficulties and so on. Second, in heavy, trivial work, teachers need to do the necessary and time-consuming things to do in front of them; do early things ahead of time because you don't know how much temporary work is waiting for you; do not have to do everything in order to do it; make sure to do a good job of time and two use; management and play is also effective.     Professor Yang's sharing not only has the latest educational ideas, but also has practical methods, which has both instructive methods and inspiring thoughts for teachers. Throughout the lecture, the teachers kept their eyes on themselves, absorbed attention, took notes seriously, and resonated with their minds.     Finally, Professor Yang made a summary of this lecture: Thank you for your work and enrich our lives. The profession of teachers should be full of enthusiasm and love, and should be nervous and happy. Don't forget the happiness and sense of achievement that we should belong to because of busy. To improve efficiency, we will love work more and love life. Overtime can be a state of struggle, but it should not be the norm of life. We wish you to work efficiently, enjoy life, cherish health and set out to happiness.



Harbin shunmai primary school held the first grade freshman initiation ceremony

The star torch is passed on from generation to generation. At 8:30 on the morning of April 3, 2018, a solemn and ceremonious freshman joined the team in the international reporting hall at Harbin's Shun Mai primary school.        Through the Harbin Shun Mai School Primary School Young Pioneers team Committee audit, agreed with the division Mu Xin, Zhao Yuexiang, Guo Ziqi, Jiang Qian and other 260 first grade students joined the Chinese young vanguard.        In the ceremony, the young pioneers counselors the single teacher read "team decision", and announced a list of new players. Party members, activists, teachers and senior members wear red scarves for new members. At that time, the bright red scarf was flying on the front of the new players, showing their smiling faces. This is their glorious time. May this red dream be planted in the hearts of children and grow with them.        After wearing red scarves from the leaders of the outstanding young pioneers, the young pioneers' team instructors announced the formation of the first - grade Squadron, and also appointed a squadron counselor and an out of school counselor. Shi Xueyong, a party secretary and President of the school of Shun Mai, issued a letter of appointment for a counselor. Liu Jinzhi, President of the primary school of Shun Mai, awarded the squadron flag for the new squadron. Followed by the oath, new players solemnly raised his right fist, the flag solemn oath. Every child's face is filled with pride and pride.        After the study of the Chinese juvenile vanguard, Harbin Shun Mai school, the primary school committee of the school decided to hire parents Zhang Dong, Wang Bing, Cao Jingbing, Song Meng as an out of school counselor, and Liu Chang, a school supervisor in Shun Mai school, issued a letter of appointment for an outside school counselor. Zhang Dong, the representative of the parents, expressed good wishes to the new players. He looked forward to their efforts to become an honest, brave, lively and civilized young pioneer.        Next, Party members and teachers speak on behalf of Liu Husheng, as well as the speeches of the new and old members. Entering the team is a self challenge, and the team is an ideal voyage. Liu hopes that the new players should use the standards of young pioneers to ask themselves and feel the glory and pride of the advanced forces and strive for greater progress. The new member representative conveys the joyful mood after the entry and exit, and on behalf of the new member to make the guarantee: must study well, use the actual action to add the color to the red scarf and strive to be an excellent young pioneer.        Finally, the counselor, a teacher, led all the players to call the bell. In a loud and powerful call sign, we saw a responsibility and honor. The children's eyes tell us that they will learn hard and be brave when they are guided by the torch of the stars.        Time is quiet, but today, it's special for you. From now on, you are a glorious young pioneer, leaving a red mark. I hope you will love your heart and take it forward without fear. In the speeding time, waiting for you to fly.

Learning Tao Xingzhi

Tao Tao pottery Tao achievements education future

   Harbin Shunmai School is a high-end non-governmental school invested by Shunmai Group in Taiwan. It integrates early education, kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school and international high school. In order to thoroughly implement the party's education policy, further correct the direction of running schools, and constantly deepen the curriculum reform, Shunmai schools in the exploration of Tao Xingzhi's educational thinking and practice, contributed to the implementation of school core literacy education. On September 29, 2017, Harbin Shunmai School held a grand seminar on Tao Xingzhi's educational thoughts. Provincial CPPCC Chairman Meng Fanjie, vice president of China Tao, national degree assessment experts, doctoral tutor Jiang Shuqing, deputy director of Heilongjiang Provincial Education Department Jiang Tonghe, Harbin Normal University School of Education and Dean, Doctoral tutor Wen Hengfu, "Heilongjiang Education" deputy editor Wei Yongsheng, the national senior education expert, Shumai school counselor Liu Shumin, Harbin City Institute of Education vice president Sun Bo and other provinces and cities famous Tao Xingzhi education thinking research expert, Scholars invited to attend the meeting.       The experts inspected Shunmai campus culture and visited the connotation construction of kindergarten. The newly built 10,000-square-meter preschool building is divided into three levels, reflecting each wall to speak. Each room has feelings and every kind of design will laugh. Primary school rich and colorful school-based curriculum, professional classrooms, galleries educate people dazzling. The junior middle school designed Tao Xingzhi's life exhibition. The twelve sections show Tao Xingzhi's childhood, schooling path, revolutionary career, scientific exploration and educational experience, and reappear the six spirits of Tao Xingzhi's love and dedication ; Held Tao Xingzhi educational thinking teacher and student painting and calligraphy exhibition, China Association of Private Education Wang Zu Shu Shun school for the school wrote the classic concept of running a school to remind us that "personality requires personality education, feelings need emotional input, wisdom needs wisdom inspiration, Spirit needs psychiatric infection "" Hand in hand, let go of hand, educate skilled hand; leading hand, leading foot, leading heart "; founded Tao Xingzhi Taoist educational ideas exhibition, the exhibition is divided into kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school Department; also planned Xiaohong cultural promenade, carried out hiking social practice, opened the walking class. The school also spent three years to invest more than 300,000 yuan to build Tao Garden, divided into planting areas, aquaculture areas, the line Zhizheng Gallery, truth-seeking booths ... ... the real experience of school teachers and students make fruitful Tao Tao Tao practice Tao education, heard and saw the school's full implementation of the marks of quality education and the echoes of history. They take the education and teaching activities of various academic departments as the content, take the base as a platform, take education as the starting point, solve the specific problems as guidance, combine the characteristics of school's school conditions, learning conditions and management, and penetrate in practice. In the impact of integration in education, and gradually formed in line with the actual schools of Shun Mai school thinking and school culture.       Next, experts walked into the classroom to observe teaching. Elementary School Teacher Liu Liqiu organized students to work independently on exploratory learning and taught "Mathematical Wide Angle - Collocation"; under the guidance of Professor Zhang Hui from junior high school, the students' group guided the students to learn and teach Chinese courses "Acacia tree", demonstrating the results of classroom teaching reform. Shun Mai students in a relaxed, independent and cooperative learning environment, and actively publish their own views and opinions, hands, brains, they learn, will learn, aid learning, learning, active and effective classroom learning.       At the International Symposium on Halls in Shunmai, Harbin, experts watched the wonderful six-kindergarten educational achievements displayed by students from various academic departments: collective dance by kindergarten teachers, primary school students 'drama performances, basketball rhythmic gymnastics and dance performances, junior middle school students' group chopsticks dance, Painting performances, martial arts exhibitions; high school students to recite original poetry, teachers and students Shun Ma strongly patriotic emotions, positive and progressive spirit of the heritage and development of Chinese traditional arts.       Afternoon, Tao Xingzhi educational thought and practice forum. Chief Supervisor Liu chaired this meeting. The principal of each department campus combined with the actual teaching and learning Tao Tao Tao's experience, typical practices and achievements. Party Secretary and Headmaster of Harbin Shunmai School Shi Xueyong briefed the experts on the school's full implementation of the party's education policy and efforts to establish a high level and distinctive private "true education" so that Tao Xingzhi's educational thinking takes root in this exploration and practice. He said: "Tao should be hardworking: to establish a mass education concept, to pursue education for running a school, and to practice education; to stick to the spirit of orientation, to educate the civilian population and cultivate elites for the country; to be firm in value orientation, Return to the true nature of education. Teacher Tao need to use the situation: "Zhuoer not group, and different, integrate Chinese and Western, learning and ancient and modern" as a character; uphold the humanities philosophy, the teacher body, family, mood first, teachers have Dignified teaching, passing positive, positive, positive energy; Advocacy teacher conscience to do things, "holding a heart, without half a grass to go." Pottery needs to be done: improve human nature, the classroom back to students ; Development of personality, the return of space and time to students; protect nature, the freedom back to students. Each department has formed its own educational philosophy.       Kindergarten "to give children the most beautiful world." The key point of education is to carry out activities around "being able to speak, learn to play, to think of what to do and to think about", to make Shunmai Kindergarten a harbor for children's life, games and entertainment activities, adapting to the environment, understanding the world and growing up happily. Primary schools Department "to children the happiest childhood." Practice the educational ideology of "six liberations", respect students, trust students, liberate students, tap students' potentials, return the autonomy of study to students, return the right of self-care to students and give students the initiative to create Students happy childhood! Junior high school "to be the best self." Under the guidance of the educational thought of "seeking truth from facts and learning to be a real person", we should construct a large pattern of educating people, practice life-based moral education and explore the road to education reform. We should develop students' personality, innovate school-based curriculum, seek education rules, and explore education and research , Cultivate a team of famous teachers, create true education, and express great feelings; and high school "lay the foundation for a happy life." Advocating "humane" education to cultivate students "international perspective and family feelings" as the goal of educating people, "career planning" as the starting point to cultivate students "aristocracy" and "gentleman" as a bachelor The basic means. Meet the needs of individual development of students to meet the needs of the development of specialized teachers to meet the education needs of the brand of the school to lay the foundation for the creation of a hundred years elite!       The participating experts fully affirmed the work of the school and put forward constructive suggestions on the future development of the school:       Meng Fanjie, president of the Provincial Institute of Education and vice president of China Tao Association, said: The schools in the province run schools with Tao Xingzhi's educational philosophy. They stand at the starting point of their thinking and plan their future education. This is a high-end school. Harbin Shunmai School can raise this flag to run a private school with Chinese style, global outlook and future strategy. So how to make Tao Xingzhi's educational thoughts creatively develop in the process of modernization is very important. In the Tao Xingzhi educational thinking and the actual combination of education to make a big article, take great pains, make great efforts; the future need to further study the development of inheritance, innovation in practice, work with the times.       It is suggested that Shunmai School should give full play to its institutional advantages and release its vitality, explore the specific conditions of the school, reward its teachers with their own disposable funds, and improve teachers' motivation. Shunmai schools are now full of all the school, pre-school curriculum is how to set up, pre-school convergence and primary school stage, primary and junior high school is how the convergence of junior high school and high school how to convergence, now we should focus on these issues. The implementation of the new college entrance examination system is a good opportunity for Shunmai School to catch up and surpass in the short term. It is necessary to grasp this opportunity as early as possible and strive to stand at the forefront of reform.       Jiang Tonghe, deputy director of the Department of Education in Heilongjiang Province, said: Harbin Shunmai School is really using the educational thinking of our nation's educator Tao Xingzhi to lead the school running, which is rarely heard or seen. Mr. Tao Xingzhi, an old man who is both a nation and a world, places his educational thinking in the current educational situation to study, study, analyze, and practice. It is also in line with the current education reform in primary and secondary schools in our country. Needs and trends. Harbin Shunmai school started relatively late, geographical advantages are not obvious, there will be no good students, under these three unfavorable objective conditions, with Tao Xingzhi educational thinking to lead the school education and teaching, the implementation of education and teaching Practice is indeed very unique practice, the results have been very significant. And often invited education experts, consultants to the staff, diagnosis, prescribing, the school's future development is limitless. Under the guidance of Tao Xingzhi's educational thought, we must conscientiously study and study a series of major policies and principles promulgated by the party and the state. The state has promulgated documents on deepening the reform of the education system and mechanism. We must seize the favorable opportunity that the state encourages the vigorous establishment of private education and strive to be the leader in private education. We must further study "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Primary and Secondary Schools". Shunmai school party building work engage in such a good, so system, you gave me a very good experience. What is the function of primary and secondary party organizations? What should the party control? This one must figure it out.       Jiang Shuqing, a national degree appraisal expert and a doctoral tutor, said: The work of Shunmai School is really hard at work. It really takes Tao Xingzhi's educational thought as the principal part of running a school. This pragmatic spirit is worth learning. The school has private education Natural mechanisms and institutional advantages, the formation of a harmonious and orderly relationship, the real embodiment of a student-oriented; school has formed a good school spirit, style of study, teaching style, which is better with the management team is divided Not open. Investors willing to let go, management can give full play to its role, is indeed a prerequisite for running a good school; the school has a more complete and perfect conditions for running a school, on the basis of hard work, I believe the future will certainly create first-class education, first-class schools. He suggested that further study should be conducted on the basis of the original implementation, and that the university departments should increase their education and reform.       Harbin Normal University School of Education and Science Dean, doctoral tutor Wenheng Fu said: after the lectures very touching, there is Zhang Hui such a teacher is the hope of running a school. The school's management team, teachers, facilities and school ideas are first class. Future development should pay attention to some of the problems: To seriously study Tao Xingzhi thinking and to have a deep understanding, Tao Xingzhi emphasizes life education, but life is changing, what is the meaning of the slogan proposed by that era? How to understand? Tao Xingzhi thought to the times, along with the formation of Shun Tao characteristics of Tao Xingzhi thought, into the teaching and implementation. After Tao Xingzhi's educational thought is applied to the school, it is not necessarily exactly the same as the original one, so as to create the quality and characteristics of Shunmai. It is suggested that the school raise the banner of scientific research clearly. Every teacher should engage in research, innovate in research and study, and go out of Shunmai's own path in the process of integration.       Sun Bo, vice dean of Harbin Institute of Education and Research, said: Three suggestions should be made: First, we should further sort out some good practices used by Harbin Shunmai School in the course construction so as to form a curriculum standard and outline for schools to guide education and teaching; Second, it is necessary to study how to build a contingent of teachers in a good environment. It is impossible to attract teachers by means of money. There should be a good mechanism. Third, the management of modern private schools or new-type private schools involves learning methods and teaching methods To change the problem, we should summarize and sort out what areas are better, where and where are the convergence problems and how to connect.       Finally, Shu-Min Liu, a consultant at Shunmai University in Harbin, said: Harbin Shunmai School is an educator who runs a school to improve the school. Let a person who really understands education manage education, let those who have practical experience in education run a school, and let those people who are educated and have an ideological consciousness plan the education for the future. The school will surely have a better development. Shun-mai school since the school has been in accordance with the correct schooling, education laws, rely on teachers, respect for teachers; all for students, not just slogans, but real action.


Harbin Shun Mai primary school organizes students to participate in 2018 Harbin primary and seconda

    In April 15th, in 2018, the Harbin primary and middle school students' information technology competition was held in the third middle school in Harbin (group force campus). After the preliminary selection of the districts and counties, a total of nearly a thousand students were selected to compete in the field final.     18 athletes from Harbin Shun Mai primary school, representing Hulan District, participated in four competitions of robot, Luban lock, magic cube and Huarong road. During the competition, the players defended the strong enemy, calmly and actively thought, showing the excellent information technology literacy and good mental outlook of the students in Shun Mai school. Through competition, students broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, feel the charm of science and technology, and inject endless momentum into their lives.     The information technology competition of primary and secondary schools in Harbin is not only a competition of students' information technology application innovation, creativity and practical ability, but also a big match for the training of modern information technology talents. It is also a big stage for participating schools to show the characteristics of information teaching and teaching results. Through the competition, we should actively summarize the experience, believe that under the guidance of "Shun Mai six" concept, we will organize more students to participate in more competition projects for the society to cultivate more innovative and practical application of information technology talents.


Editorial office of Party Committee Office

Shun Mai school newspaper No. 4

  "Step" is the school newspaper Harbin shunmai school newspaper is published for the first time in July 15, 2017, the party newspaper, each 4 edition. The main release Harbin shunmai school party work achievements, the paper carried out political education for all teachers.

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