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      Harbin Shunmai School was founded in 2014, located in the North Bank of the beautiful Songhua River in Harbin, No. 2 Shunmai Road, Songbei District, Harbin. It was invested by the Taiwanese Shunmai Group and approved by the Harbin Education Bureau as a high-end private school with kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools and foreign language schools.
      Harbin Shunmai School covers an area of 210,000 square meters, with a total floor area of 110,000 square meters and a total investment of 700 million yuan. The first phase project was built in 2013 and put into operation in 2014. The construction of primary school teaching building, junior high school teaching building and art museum is 30 thousand square meters. 

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Superfine Teacher:

Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Yingshun  Li Xiaoyu  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin

Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li  Liu XiQing  

Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui  Yang Bo  Ding Xiuli    Wu Xiang Gui       Gao Feng Ying   Lv Xi Ping  Lin Zhi  Jian   He Shuhua 

Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie  Zhang Xihui  Wang Wei  Kindergarten teacher:Zhao Ming  Li Zhaojing  Cui Yunxiu 
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Harbin Shunmai School Primary School “Future Educator Sharon” as scheduled

On June 4, 2019, the "Future Educator Sharon" activity of the primary school of Shunmai School in Harbin started as scheduled. In this issue, Salon takes "Every Step You Run" as the theme, and is lectured by Ms. Wang Yingxi. She proves that if she works hard, she will gain something by sharing her feelings of participating in the "Four New Classrooms" and writing an analysis of the test papers. So, how to write the paper analysis? She gave some methods. The paper is analyzed from five aspects: writing guiding ideology, proposition content, learning situation analysis, proposition principle, weight distribution and paper writing characteristics. At the same time, she also shared how to teach the examination paper evaluation course. Her sharing breaks our usual understanding of the examination paper comment class. She said that a good examination paper comment class should be a process of students'self-reflection, and the whole class should be a commendation class, a sharing class and a harvest class. Recognition class - transfer of learning methods, transfer of mathematics is not difficult to think, share class - students share the cause of communication, teachers control the pace of the classroom. Harvest lesson - Summarize the results of the examination and the examination paper evaluation lessons. Ms. Wang Yingxi also encountered many difficulties in the "Four New Classrooms" activity. Fortunately, she was helped by the school leader Guo Guangcheng. Guo Guangcheng told her to think about where the problems appeared when facing difficulties, and to find out what methods to solve them, and also to accumulate experience for dealing with the same things in the future. Don't be afraid of problems. The right attitude will turn them into your own wealth. At the same time, she realized that there was no detour in the world, and that every step you took counted!  



Let my youth fly high with the bright flag of the Youth League of Shunmai Middle School, a series o

When the bell rings in your ears a hundred years ago, when the memory of a hundred years ago is engraved in your mind, when the awakening of a hundred years ago once again stirred your heart. Have you ever forgotten how the youth of Cathaysia raised the backbone of China in the dark humiliation history a hundred years ago? A hundred years have passed. How can our youths not unload their armour, but invite themselves to take a long journey, day and night! The Youth League Committee of Shunmai Junior Middle School in Harbin has always been committed to cultivating comprehensive talents with high comprehensive literacy, moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and technological development. It is not only the learning talents that are conveyed to the society, but also the people who can quickly integrate into the social collective and become a person with positive personality and energy. Therefore, a large number of outstanding members of the Communist Youth League have emerged in the middle of the junior high school. Today let's go into an excellent member of the Communist Youth League. She is the League branch book of Class 9 and 5, Lv Meng. Since entering the school, Lu Meng has been strict with himself in all aspects, studying hard to make up for his shortcomings. Attaching great importance to the improvement and development of comprehensive abilities, and actively participating in various activities organized by the school Youth League Committee, they became the first group of outstanding young people in the class to join the Communist Youth League. After nearly four years of junior middle school life, study and work, they have made great progress in all aspects of morality, intelligence and physical education, and achieved excellent results. As a student, she deeply understands the importance of learning. Only by learning can people acquire extensive knowledge and extraordinary wisdom. Therefore, she earnestly studies, listens attentively in class, completes homework in time after class and previews and reviews it. Through hard work, she has been at the forefront of the grade, and has won scholarships for two consecutive years. While completing her homework and learning tasks, she actively participated in various activities and broadened her extra-curricular knowledge. In the work of the League Committee, she is conscientious. As a member of the Communist Youth League, she actively cooperates with other class cadres to organize class activities, has strong organizational management ability and team spirit, treats work with a correct attitude, is proactive, conscientious and responsible, actively serves students, actively cares for and helps students, and actively participates in class activities. She is fond of literature, and her writing has been published in the first issue of the school newspaper "Walking with the Wind". He also won many awards in the essay collection activities. She is fond of calligraphy and has a certain foundation. She has won a gold medal in the ninth Youth Art Exhibition in four places across the Taiwan Strait in Heilongjiang Soft-pen Calligraphy Junior High School. She is fond of Chinese traditional learning, and won the top six in the first Heilongjiang Provincial Strong Chinese Youth Challenge Competition held by the provincial and Taiwan provinces. He also won the first prize in the Mathematics Problem Solving Competition, Physics Competition, Theme Speech Competition and Chinese Character dictation Competition organized by the school. Lu Meng actively participated in the construction of harmonious campus, vigorously promoted patriotism, collectivism and socialism, took the lead in Practicing Socialist Concept of honor and disgrace, consciously abided by the basic moral norms of patriotism, law abiding, courtesy, honesty, solidarity, fraternity, diligence and self-reliance, and fully demonstrated the good spiritual features of the youth of the contemporary League members. He took the lead in pursuing a healthy, scientific and civilized way of life, advocating scientific spirit, opposing feudal superstitions, insisting on civilization, openness, innovation and practical work, and playing a good role in outstanding League cadres and reserve forces. "The road is long and the road is long, so I will search from top to bottom." In Lu Meng's case, it well embodies the good moral character that a student should possess, the spirit of active and enterprising exploration, the work style of combining knowledge with practice and the basic professional accomplishment of Contemporary Junior High School students. Supported by the belief of "self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance, self-reliance and self-confidence" in life, Lu Meng braved hardship and innovation, and walked out of a road of life, learning, practice and ideal that belonged to him. In the work of the Youth League, Lu Meng even sweated, leaving his unrepentant footprint of youth, contributing to the compilation of a new chapter of the development of the Communist Youth League.    


The Graduation Ceremony of Grade Five of Harbin Shunmai School Primary School in 2019 was successfu

On the morning of June 21, 2019, a commencement ceremony with the theme of "pursuing the footprints of sages and writing a brilliant future" was held at the Confucian Temple in Hulan District, Harbin. 185 Graduates from the fifth grade of Shunmai Primary School in Harbin wore Chinese costumes, performed Chinese rituals, remembered their ancestors and read the Analects of Confucius. A significant graduation ceremony was held here. This graduation ceremony is divided into nine rituals: worship Confucius, stepping on the top bridge, crossing the Weixing Gate, the source of Boyuan, expressing virtue by fate, beating drums and singing aspirations, thanking teachers and relatives, Tunan Zhiyuan, and bowing with gratitude. Children visit their ancestors, thank their parents for their love and thank their teachers for their kindness. We graduated. In the fifth grade, 185 students worshipped Confucius before the statue of Confucius in the Confucian Temple. The students remembered the sages and carried forward the traditional Chinese culture. Professor Liu Husheng, the courtesy officer, led the students to recite the Analects of Confucius. Graduates'representatives wear Confucian scarves for leaders and head teachers All the teachers and students worshipped the statue of Confucius. Du Haoxian introduced the Confucian Temple to all teachers and students Mr. Liu Xunhe introduced Zhuangyuan Bridge to all teachers and students. All Graduates Crossing the Top Bridge Zhao Yuexiang explained to all the teachers and students about Weixing Gate. Accompanied by three groups of bells and drums, students walk side by side through the mooring gate, implying that students will be illuminated and sheltered by the mooring star, and make a smooth journey after entering junior high school, and achieve good results. In Shunmai, students learn ancient writings, perform ancient rituals and strive to be modest teenagers; in Shunmai, students open up wisdom and harvest hope. Five years ago, young children have become educated and knowledgeable teenagers. When time flies, students will sail out of the harbour. Rituals: the Source of Boyuan Classic Reading Performance for Graduates Ritual: Destiny Character Expresses Morality On behalf of Mr. Liu Husheng, the teacher wrote the word "human", which implies that in the enlightenment stage of life, students should write correctly and be upright. Sun Feizer and Huang Zhi show you soft-pen calligraphy works and interpret the good wishes and hopes contained in the words given. On behalf of Han Qing, the outstanding fifth-grade students share their harvest in primary school and express their gratitude to their alma mater. Zhao Zihan's mother speaks on behalf of her parents. Ritual: drum beating and aspiration singing Do you remember our aspirations and ideals when we first entered school? Today, in such a sacred and solemn temple, we make our wishes, set our aspirations from childhood, and set up lofty ideals from childhood. The three principals and the teacher in charge of the class wrote down the wish cards for the students. They wished the students: the vast sea leaps by fish, the sky flies by birds, the long journey, sailing! A student representative in each class wears a wish card to the stage. Graduates write their dreams and prayers on this little wish card. May their dreams come true. Ritual: Xie Shi Honoring His Family Five head teachers send messages to graduates Excellent student representatives present tea and flowers to the head teacher. On the platform, cold, summer, spring, summer, autumn and winter, you scatter your heart and soul; in the campus, the wind, frost, rain and snow, peach and plum fragrance, you cultivate the new stamen pavilion. Thank you, dear teacher! The parents'representative presented Jinqi to the head teacher, thanked the good teacher, thanked the care. Ritual: Tunan Zhiyuan Principal Liu Jinzhi of the primary school sent a message to all the graduates, which placed great expectations on the students from his alma mater. He told the children to learn to be strong, to learn to be grateful, to know how to cherish, to uphold the fine tradition of Shunmai Primary School, and to sail from here. Parent representatives presented flowers and banners to Principal Liu and Principal Guo to express their gratitude to the school and to the principal. Teachers and kindness are unforgettable, the president of our alma mater, and all parents of five school years present a precious gift for Harbin Shunmai School - the globe, which implies that learning is advancing smoothly and looking forward to the world! Take off smoothly and look to the future! The principal issues a diploma to the graduate representative. The cheers of "We graduated" resounded throughout the meeting. Students have graduated, but their dreams do not graduate. The new journey of dreams begins immediately. They will meet a new round of challenges and their future will be more exciting. Ceremony: Thanksgiving Bow It is our parents who have helped us thousands of times that make us stumble; it is our parents who have taught us thousands of times that make us speak our first language. Mother's love is a ship, which carries us from youth to maturity; Father's love is the sea, which gives us a happy harbor. At this time, the only way is to say, "Mom and Dad, you have worked hard, I love you." Graduates from different classes took pictures with their teachers and parents after chorusing "Heaven's Great" and "Hello Tomorrow". Graduation is the end of a learning stage, the beginning of a new learning stage, and a gas station on the way to growth. Harbin Shunmai School Primary School held such a special graduation ceremony at the Confucian Temple in Hulan District, which drew a successful conclusion for the children's primary school career. It not only made the students accept a profound spiritual baptism and feel the profound and long-standing Chinese traditional culture, but also guided the students to know how to be grateful and learn to be a man in their future study and life. Become a wonderful memory of all graduates!            

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