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  Harbin shunmai school, founded in 2014, is located in the north shore of the Songhua River in the beautiful scenery of the Harbin City,  No. 2 Shun Mai Road, Harbin New Area, is held by Taiwanese shunmai group investment, approved by the Harbin Municipal Bureau of education in kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, Foreign language school as one of the high-end private schools.

  At the beginning of school, the school Harbin step on the high-end positioning, quality first "educational requirements of famous Songjiang north and south, from all walks of life. The school has established "Harbin demonstration, the leader, the well-known" educational goals; the pursuit of "harmony but not sameness, difference, integrate Chinese and western, ancient science and the ideal of education; adhere to the" student-centered, teacher based, character, quality to "educational strategy;...

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Wang Guangcai  Liu Jinzhi  Chen Hong

Dai Chunmin  Li Yingshun  Li Xiaoyu  Li Wu  E Xiuzhen  Yin Hanbin
Doctor: Liu Xiqing   Cheng Yongjun 
Senior high school teacher:Zhang Li  Wang Qiuzhuang  Gabriel  Junior middle school teachers:Zhang Hui  Ding Xiuli  He Shuhua  Gao Feng Ying  Wu Xiang Gui
Primary school teachers:Yang Weijie  Zhang Xihui  Wang Wei  Kindergarten teacher:Zhao Ming  Jin Xiaohui  Cui Yunxiu 
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Write artistic words and not seek people

    In June 28th, the teachers' Forum of the primary school of Shun Mai school in Harbin opened the lecture as scheduled. All the teachers of the primary school listened to the excellent art teacher, Bao Linghui, entitled "write the artistic words for no person".     In this lecture, the teacher adopted a combination of field demonstration and multimedia display, from what is the artistic word, the difference between the artistic characters and the calligraphy, the design steps of the artistic characters, the color collocation of the font and the four sides. She combines the black body character, the blackbody character, the fat fat word, the Han Yi butterfly style four fonts to carry on the analysis, and from the font structure characteristic, the stroke block principle, the sketch shadow skill and so on have made the exhaustive demonstration.     The teacher's professional explanation, the vivid image of the words, let the teachers in the room interesting, like an intoxicated, write and write, all the teachers feel the magic charm of the art word. Teachers have indicated that they should improve their artistic attainments according to the learning of this lecture.     The training and study not only set up a platform for teachers to learn and exchange, but also widened the ideas for the future environment layout and education and teaching, and improved the teachers' aesthetic interest and creative arts and calligraphy skills. I believe that in the future work and life, teachers will make creative use of artistic characters, so that the artistic characters can be used to dress up the campus.



The 54 Youth Festival of Harbin Shun Mai junior high school

    Bathed in the warm spring breeze, I feel the full spring. In this youth festival, the junior high school league committee of Harbin Shun Mai school in the morning of     May 4th, held the theme "youth flying my youth dream" theme. The leaders of the junior high school participated in the activities.     The meeting is presided over by the representative of the new league member. The conference reviewed the history of the Communist Youth League, and the old League members wore the emblem for the new members. Gao Jiaze, the six class in six, made a speech on behalf of the new league member.     "The Communist Youth League is the mass organization of the advanced youth led by the Communist Party of China," Geng Yitong, Secretary of the Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Harbin Shun Mai school, said. "The Communist Youth League is the mass organization of the advanced youth led by the Communist     Party of China. It is a school for young people to learn Chinese characteristic socialism and communism in practice. It is the party's assistant and reserve army." It is an organization that most of our classmates are very yearning for. All the students who wear the emblem and solemn oath should keep in mind that they are a member of the Communist Youth League, an example of the students around us and a model leading role for more students. We should be more strict with ourselves and be more motivated to pursue progress and strive for the best.     Next, the awarding ceremony of the first "good to the good" youth in junior high school was carried out. Liu Changyou, President of Harbin Shun Mai school, awarded prizes to all the students.     This group ceremony brings the spirit of the students to baptism and the thought is sublimated. The league members have learned the responsibility and mission of being a league member. Non League members also strive to become a good League member in the development of the next batch of League members. I believe that all the students in the junior high school will remember the history and inherit the spirit. They will set up a bright banner for the junior middle school of Shun Mai school, cooperate with each other, continue to move forward, and create brilliance together. Let our youth bloom in Shun Mai and let our dreams fly in the direction of Shun Mai.

The spirit of the higher education committee

Chen Baosheng held talks with the director general of the United Nations Educational, scientific an

      On July 17th, Chen Baosheng, Minister of education, held talks with the director general of the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization,     Azoulay.       Chen Baosheng said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to UNESCO and has always been a strong supporter, defender and active participant. In March 2014, President Xi Jinping visited the headquarters of UNESCO and delivered an important speech to open a new chapter in bilateral relations.         In recent years, the two sides have deepened practical cooperation and made great achievements in thinking, image, plan, results and experience. The two sides jointly advocated the practice of cultural exchanges and mutual learning, organized a series of important conferences, set up a good image and contributed to the development of the world's education, science and culture.       Chen Baosheng stressed that China held the largest education in the world today. In recent years, the education equity has made obvious progress, the quality of education has been greatly improved and the educational cause has developed rapidly. It is hoped that the two sides will work together, strengthen coordination in the UNESCO strategic change, deepen cooperation on the two major global priorities of Africa and the UNESCO, and carry out research and cooperation on climate change, artificial intelligence and network governance, and push the bilateral relations to a new step.       He thanked China for its support for UNESCO and expressed that China's educational achievement had set a model for the world, and hoped that the two sides should strengthen their strategic cooperation and jointly promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning and the realization of the world education goal in 2030. Source: Ministry of Education Harbin City 2018 Early Year Entrance Examination Exam List


Hello, goodbye, primary school, Hello, Ji Shun Mai kindergarten 2018 big class graduation ceremony

  At 9 a.m. on July 18, 2018, the graduation ceremony of 2018 in Harbin's Shun Mai kindergarten was held in the lecture hall of Shun Mai school. This graduation ceremony, with the theme of "Hello good bye to the young", is divided into three chapters, respecting teachers, Ming and inspiring, showing the leaders, parents and children of them for the harvest of their four years' study and life in Shun Mai kindergarten, and share with us the joy and joy of their growth. Four years ago When I stumbled into the kindergarten It was the teacher who gently took over my little hand Four years ago I can only sing some simple songs A labyrinth of painting can only be made. ... Four years later Stand here or we But we have grown up Become more intelligent and sensible Learn a lot of skills A beloved leader, teacher Dear father and mother Please witness with us This is a precious moment. The first graduation ceremony in my life Respecting the teacher    "The holy king of the ancient times did not have a respecting teacher." The teacher is my guide, and you taught me how to take the road of life. The teacher is my life experience transfer, is you let me realize the happiness of life. Director of the garden    In these four years, I will never forget a person. She will be standing at the school gate every day and greeting me kindly. The amiable smile makes my heart warm every day. She is our dearest granny, and today we want to listen to the teachings of the granny of the garden.    Thanks to the parents of the kindergarten, the teachers who have devoted all the enthusiasm and wisdom to the healthy growth of the children, the leaders of CIS Mai group and the school who have learned the best environment for us.    In the past four years, you have experienced a variety of colorful kindergarten life to meet the various theme activities of natural nature release. You have a profound and beautiful childhood experience, with parents and children participating in the parents and children's activities, and make you get a solid love. In these years, the kindergarten is a "positive personality". It's the best gift for you to face life in the future.    At the moment when I leave kindergarten, I hope you can always love life, love learning, and live as healthy and happy as your childhood! My teachers and I will appreciate you with a lifetime of vision. May you bring our blessing and love to the vast sky and fly to the glory of the future. The chorus of "the flower of happiness" Thanks to my teacher for learning to grow up Thank you for making me blooming like a flower We turn the happiness of gratitude into a pleasant note to you. "Goodbye, Shun Mai kindergarten" The weeping willow Weave our dreams; the breeze. We talk about the love of the kindergarten The Harmonica Performance "little star" With the sound of the piano We are like the wings of a bird It's going to fly away from my beloved Shun Mai kindergarten This is our joy and laughter everywhere The paper also left us with tender handwriting Teacher's representative Cui Yunxiu, class four Now we're going to grow up Become smarter and more sensible To fly to the wider sky There is no end in my heart I also want to hear another teacher's teachings    Four years ago, you just come to the kindergarten, some crying, some noisy, and today standing in the eyes of you, tall, rich knowledge, four years of mutual dependence, and you spend the same day, are the most precious memories of the teacher's life.    Today, you are a happy little bird who will take off here. Today, you are a horse stealthy. Children, the stage of dreams is ahead, and we look forward to appreciating the exhibition of your dreams. Bless you forever. May you always grow up happily and healthfully! Dance "I like you" Ming De In the first sentence of the old saying "University", "the way of university is in Ming Ming De, in the people, in the best." In the four years of Shun Mai, I learned not only to respect my teachers, but also to learn from the best of virtues. Cross talk, "I grew up" Graduate representative Xu Yanhang, class one    In the past four years, I have been grateful to my grandmother for their earnest instructions, thanking the teachers for their meticulous care, and thanking their children for their happy companionship.    Today, we have grown up, to leave the kindergarten to go to primary school, like the eagles grow up, to fly to the wider sky, but, no matter how high we fly, how far we go, we will not forget the happy time in the kindergarten, we will remember the expectations of teachers and parents, from here sail, walk in, walk in, walk in here, walk Primary school, towards a better tomorrow.   Taekwondo performance   Teachers and young poems recite "love of the motherland" Four years ago The motherland in my heart is a red seal on the account book Four years later The motherland in my heart is a red scarf on the chest. Parents' Representative Li Yinuo parents in class four    Four years later, parents can not forget the teacher greet the children's bright smile when they come. They can't forget the teacher's care and guidance when they teach their children. They can't forget the worries and worries of their children when they are sick. They can't forget the teacher's comfort and laughter when they get the results.    Children, in the future life, mom and dad hope you can be confident, and often say to yourself, "I will do it!" I hope you can be strong, and may encounter difficulties and failures in the future. Please face it bravely, your parents and teachers will always support you. I hope you can have a love, love the motherland, parents, teachers, classmates, so that you will have more happiness to become a responsible and responsible person. Inspirational text The more twists and turns of the struggle, the more pure the soul. Although the light spots of fireflies are weak, they are darkly challenged by darkness. We need to be more inspirational and hardheaded and fearless. We should step on the road and leave our hopes in the distance and let love go. The sign language show "let love go out" Teachers and young poems recite "teachers and students" Teacher and teacher, I'm standing here today I have a lot of words to say to you There are a lot of things I don't want to tell you Boy, I'm standing here today I also have a lot of words to tell you There are so many orders that have not finished ... Poetry reciting "graduation poem"       Certificate of graduation  Hand in hand    Thank you and the leaders of Shun Mai group and Harbin Shun Mai school for the graduation certificate. This is my First Diploma in my life, and it is very heavy in my hand, because it not only symbolizes my growth, but also is full of the blood of my parents and the deep love and entrustment of our teachers. We also give a handprint to the dear kindergarten, although we graduated, but the drop in the growth here has left a deep impression in our heart. Please believe that in the future, we will surely bring your love and entrust to the wind and rain, and go forward bravely. Valediction    Children, the separation is not the end of the separation, the Shun Mai kindergarten is only one of your life's journey, graduation represents your life train is going to the next stop on a new journey. In the new journey, you will meet more and more beautiful scenery, know interesting and outstanding friends, harvest more, grow faster.    The teacher will keep a deep memory of each of you in your heart, and will be waiting for you all the time in Shun Mai kindergarten, waiting for you to come back here with full wings and wait for you to soar in the wider world!


Editorial office of Party Committee Office

Xiao Hong Literature into the campus results set

  Xiao Hong is the pride of Hulan people. Her work is a treasure of regional culture. This is exactly the original intention of our school to establish Xiao Hong Literature Research Association and “Half Red House” Literary Club. We let Xiao Hong enter the Harbin Shunmai campus, open up the Xiao Hong Cultural Promenade, hold the Dragon Boat Festival Xiao Hong poetry, set up a walking class to “seek Xiao Hong's footprints”, hold Xiao Hong seminars, and hold Xiao Hong’s theme series activities every year. This is to make Shunmai students understand Xiao Hong, read Xiao Hong, praise Xiao Hong, improve literacy, promote hometown culture, and enhance patriotic feelings. These have become an important part of the characteristics of our school in Shunmai. Today, we edited this Xiao Hong Literature into the Campus Achievement Collection. It is also a dream-reform operation. It is the common dream of all the teachers and students of Shunmai School: love the hometown, love Xiao Hong, and love the motherland. To commemorate Xiao Hong, study Xiao Hong, and inherit Xiao Hong, we march on the road.

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